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What Helps Stimulate Hair Growth After Chemo?

Having cancer isn't all about physical pain, but it's also about going through a lot of mental pressure.

Cancer is like a deadly demon in the world of medicine, and the only cure it has is chemotherapy

This may help you get rid of cancer, but it has a surprising number of side effects, including alopecia, mucositis, and loss of hair, and it holds the power to mess with your overall health, along with making both your external and internal body quite weak.

One of the most common side effects that people go through is hair loss. Let's discuss this issue and determine the answer to what helps stimulate hair growth after chemo.

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Why Do You Lose Your Hair During Chemo?

Chemotherapy includes using drugs that rapidly kill all the cancerous cells that are increasing continuously in your body.

But the issue here is that the drugs can not differentiate between the cancerous and the healthy cells, so it ends up killing cells of both kinds during the process of chemotherapy.

This sudden loss of cells can cause hair loss in almost any part of your body, including your scalp, armpits, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. once the patient is done with chemo, the hair follicles start self-healing, and you slowly start getting your back. 

Following is a list of everything you need to know about chemotherapy and hair loss

  • There are no guarantees on the subject of which body part you'll lose your hair from. It can either be one part or your whole body. 
  • Not every cancer patient loses their hair completely. You may experience heavy hair fall, light hair fall, or in some cases, no hair fall.
  • Nobody knows exactly when your hair starts coming back after chemo since it is different in every cancer patient. 

What Is The Hair Growth Timeline After Chemo?

The hair re-growth process after chemotherapy mostly depends on the fact that how much your scalp and hair follicles have been affected due to the drugs. Below is a general estimated timeline for regrowth of hair in cancer patients.

Soft And Fuzzy Hair

The first and foremost kind of hair that will grow on your scalp will be very soft and fuzzy. Usually, it starts after 2-3 weeks post chemo. 

Hair Re-Growth Phase

According to several pieces of research conducted on cancer patients, proper hair re-growth can start between 1-2 months post chemo. 

Around 1 Inch

You may achieve this length of hair approximately between 3-4 months after your chemotherapy has ended. 

2-3 Inches

You may be able to achieve 2 to 3 inches long hair after 6-7 months of chemotherapy. 

Substantial Length 

A combable hair is called substantial length; you may achieve this after about a year post-chemo.

As it has been mentioned above, this is just an estimated timeline. Your hair regrowth timeline depends on the condition of your scalp, the health of your hair, your age, and several other factors that can affect hair growth.

However, there is a list of things you can do to stimulate hair growth after chemotherapy. 

What Are The Ways To Stimulate Hair Growth Post Chemo?

Just because you had healthy luxurious hair before chemo doesn't mean your hair will grow back easily after chemotherapy because chemo seriously messes with your health, leaving your body extremely weak.

Below is a list of things that proved useful in stimulating hair growth post-chemo:

Intake Of Vitamins And Minerals

Your body is at its lowest and weakest point after chemotherapy. So intake of different vitamins and minerals is a necessity for your body to get back to its natural state.

You can do this by eating foods that are enriched with different types of vitamins and minerals, including fruits and vegetables, etc., or you can take medical supplements for such purposes.

For example, Biotin is a type of vitamin that is great for stimulating hair growth. Apart from this, vitamins B, C, and E are also known for stimulating hair growth and improving blood circulation in your scalp. 

High Protein Foods

Your hair is made from proteins. So, needless to say, proteins are the most important nutrients when stimulating your hair regrowth.

You can include all kinds of proteins in your diet, including animal and plant proteins, to pace up your hair growth.

Along with this, make sure to avoid any extra sugar or fats with these proteins. Some natural protein foods are milk, meat, eggs, pulses, etc. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils have a bundle of advantages that include not only stimulating hair growth but also strengthening your hair roots.

You can take different essential oils and apply them directly to your scalp or your hair to pace up the process of stimulating your hair growth after chemotherapy. 

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are also a great source of nutrients for the speedy growth of your hair; you can either eat food that is rich in fatty acids or intake fatty acid supplements like omega 3 or omega 6 to stimulate hair growth after chemotherapy.

Harsh Chemicals

Apart from all these tips, it is important to remember that you shouldn't be using any harsh chemicals on your newly grown natural hair or even your scalp.

Especially after chemotherapy, because your body's self-defense mechanism is at its weakest, make sure to use good quality and gentle products on your scalp.

Ending Note

Having cancer is not the end of the world. People get cured daily from such deadly diseases and continue their lives happily. It is important to have a huge amount of self-love and never to give up.

Because the ideal approach to recovery is having the most positive attitude towards yourself in the most negative situations, even if your hair doesn't come back after chemo, just remember that you are beautiful with or without your hair.

And that the actual beauty comes from within.

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