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Is Epsom Salt Good For Hair?

Have you ever considered using epsom salt when looking for hair treatment?

Epsom salt has exploded in popularity due to its versatile applications for perfect hair growth. It is common practice to include this mineral salt in bath salt blends marketed toward relieving muscle aches.

However, many people have begun using it on their hair because of the supposed volume-boosting effects. There is no hard evidence that Epsom salt helps in hair care. 

This article will discuss the benefits of using Epsom salt on your hair and how to apply it.

Continue reading to see how Epsom salt will help you to get perfect hair.

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Can Epsom Salt Be Used On Hair Without Causing Harm?

Epsom salt is safe for the scalp and hair. It is a chemical compound found in nature consisting of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. The chemical name for Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate.

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) expert panel concluded that Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) has no toxicity risks. The researchers concluded that inhaling Epsom salt vapors through sprays or applying the mineral topically to the hair posed no health risks and helped in regrowing hair. 

How to Use Epsom Salt on Your Hair

Epsom salt is used in the following ways to get healthy hair

  1. As A Volumizer

This is great for hair that is oily, dry, or curly. It will give your hair more body and texture and define your curls without taking away too much moisture.

  1. Explaining the Solution

If you use hair products to style your hair, you can use this Epsom salt solution to get rid of the buildup of products and clean your hair and scalp.

  1. Scalp Scrub with Epsom Salt

Epsom salt feels a bit rough. It can help eliminate dandruff by removing extra oil and dry flakes from the scalp.

Steps for Putting Epsom Salt on Your Hair 

The best way to use it depends on what kind of hair you have. There is a separate process to follow for oily and dry hair. 

For Oily hair

People with oilier hair might get the best results if they mix Epsom salt with their shampoo. It might make a little more oil come out when you wash your hair and give it more volume. This method works like this:

Step 1

Before you wash your hair, mix an equal amount of Epsom salt with a small amount of shampoo. You can also add Epsom salt to your shampoo bottle directly. Start by putting about two tablespoons into every 16 oz of shampoo. After adding the salt, make sure to shake the bottle well before putting it on your hair.

Step 2

Use the shampoo with Epsom salt like you would any other shampoo. Make sure to apply it thoroughly, evenly, and deeply to your scalp and hair roots, especially in the oiliest spots.

Step 3

If you want, you can wash your hair with the Epsom salt shampoo again right away, which means you would shampoo your hair twice in a row.

Step 4

Only use Epsom salt with shampoo or shampoo with Epsom salt in it every other time you wash your hair. This will make it less likely that the salt will dry out your hair too much.

For Dry, Damaged Hair

People who have dry hair shouldn't use shampoos with Epsom salt in them. Doing so may be too drying and damaging, but it could be the perfect balance in conditioners. If you have curly hair, the results may give you more volume and make your curls stand out more.

Step 1

Mix the same amount of Epsom salts and a small amount of hair conditioner. Make this mixture for each different conditioning on a separate basis.

Some people say to mix Epsom salts well in a small bowl that can go in the microwave, then warm the mixture slightly in the microwave before applying. Heat the mixture in the microwave until it feels warm but not too hot to touch.

Step 2

Wash your hair like you normally would, and then put the Epsom salt conditioner on it. Make an extra effort to spread and cover as much of the infused conditioner as possible. 

Step 3 

Rinse out the conditioner as usual after 20 minutes, but not before. As with shampoo that has Epsom salt in it, you should only use it every other time you wash your hair. There's a chance it could make hair even more dry and brittle, but this depends on the person.

Final Words

To sum up the discussion we can say that you might want to add Epsom salt to how you take care of your hair. It might give oily hair more body and dry hair more definition. Its magnesium might also help your hair and scalp grow and get stronger. But so far, there isn't any research to back up these benefits. Still, many people use Epsom salt for their hair, like it, and highly recommend it to others.

Magnesium sulfate, which is what Epsom salt is, is safe to use on your hair. It's a cheap alternative to volumizers and other hair care products that cost a lot. Self-care can include giving yourself a spa day in the shower.


  • Does Epsom Salt Make Hair Softer?

Your hair does not become softer when Epsom salt is applied topically. Furthermore, these statements are not supported by any studies. But Epsom salt and a conditioner may work to soften hair.

  • Does Rinsing Your Hair With Epsom Salt Water Make It Thicker?

It's possible that rinsing your hair with Epsom salt water will help it to gain thickness and texture. There is, however, no supporting research provided.

  • Does Epsom Salt Give You Curly Hair?

Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) has been used in many leave-in conditioners or products that make curls look better. It is known for naturally making curls stronger.

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