does hair grow in the summer

Does Hair Grow Faster In The Summer?

You might be wondering what you can do to get your hair to grow faster in summer.

Do any items help?

Can dietary modifications fasten growth? 

There's evidence to suggest that hair grows more quickly in warmer conditions, just like flowers, trees, and other vegetation.

What do you think?

Summer is a good time to ask this question: does hair grow faster in heat?

Let's see the scientific representation of why your hair grows faster in the summer. 

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Why Does Hair Grow Faster In The Summer? 

As a result of the steady circulation of blood to keep your body cool, your hair grows roughly 10% quicker in the summer. Cell development, improved system efficiency, and higher hair growth can all be attributed to an increase in blood circulation. 

There's a good chance you've heard that exposure to the sun may give you thick hair growth and a golden sheen, which means you already know that sun exposure isn't always negative for your hair.

The following are some of the most reasons which show how your hair grows faster in the heat:

  • Vitamin D from the sun stimulates the formation of new hair follicles, which in turn encourages hair regrowth.
  • Sunlight can aid in the prevention and treatment of hair loss by providing an additional source of vitamin D.
  • Using the sun to treat your scalp in the same manner that it treats face skin is a great approach to prevent the spread of acne and keep your scalp healthy.
  • It can result in hair that is more vibrant, shiny, and golden.
  • It is advised to restrict your exposure to the sun to between 10 minutes and 30 minutes every day to reap the full advantages of the sun.

5 Simple Hair Growing Tips In The Summer

Hair and scalp can be damaged by exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation. With the best hair care routine, you can get thick hair growth in the summer as well.

To keep your hair looking and feeling its best throughout the hotter months, use the following simple summer healthy hair tips:

  • Trim Your Hair Regularly 

Trim is a good idea if you've been growing your hair out over the winter and spring. When it comes to getting rid of split ends, summer is the best time.

  • Hair Care Products

Apply hair care products with UV filters to protect your hair from the sun's harmful rays. Your hair will be shielded from the harmful effects of the sun thanks to this product.

  • Healthy Hair Habits

You may protect yourself from the sun by donning a wide-brimmed hat, a bandana, or any other head covering that works for you. Your hair will not be damaged as a result of this simple solution. Other parts of your body, such as your neck and ears, will be shielded from the sun by a hat.

  • Saturate Your Hair 

Your hair should be drenched in clean water and always use the best healthy hair shampoo and leave-in conditioner before you begin this process. After swimming, wash your hair. Is there no way to get a shower? Add fresh water to a spray bottle and shower your hair. 

  • Use Best Healthy Hair Shampoo

In the summer, you may find yourself washing your hair more regularly. For best results, use a clarifying or anti-residue shampoo at least once a week. Then use a deep-conditioning procedure.

What Is The Cycle of Your Hair Growth? 

The duration of your thick hair growth cycle can be affected by genetics, nutrition, best hair care routine, and stress levels. There are so many variables to take into account that figuring out the true cause of hair loss besides seasonal shedding can be difficult. All of these factors come into play when it comes to your natural hair care. 

Although it varies from person to person, the average annual hair growth rate is roughly 6-inches. This equates to about a half-inch of growth per month. It's more for some. Less for others.

Hair growth occurs in four stages:

  • The Anagen Phase 

The hair on your scalp can grow for 3 to 7 years during the anagen period. During this period, your hair follicles produce hairs that continue to grow. Almost all of the hairs on your head are in the anagen stage. At any given time, almost 85 to 90 percent of the hairs on your head are in the anagen phase. 

  • The Catagen Phase 

Hair follicles shrink and hair growth slows during catagen/transition. Your hair will begin to separate from the base of the hair follicle but will remain in place. 

At the same time, approximately 5% of your hairs are in the catagen phase, which lasts about 10 days. This is the time at which your hair follicle begins to shrink and your thick hair growth rate slows.

  • The Telogen/Resting Phase 

The telogen phases include both the beginning and finish of your hair's growth. During this stage, your hair does not grow, but it also does not fall off. However, this is also the stage at which new hairs begin to develop in the follicles that released hairs during the previous catagen phase.

In addition, new hairs form in follicles that produce hair during the catagen phase. At any given time, approximately 10% to 15% of your hair is in the telogen phase. This stage lasts around three months.

  • Shedding/Exogen Phase

Your hair sheds from the scalp, which is frequently facilitated by regular washing and brushing. Did you know that during this stage, you lose 50 to 100 hairs per day?

The exogen phase is the final stage of the hair development cycle, during which hair is shed from your scalp at a rate of 50 to 100 hairs per day. As the telogen phase takes hold, this final phase might continue anywhere from 2 to 5 months.

Final Words 

In a nutshell, are you keen on getting an answer to does hair grow faster in summer? Everyone has their own story of thick hair growth. To get your hair to grow faster in the heat you must follow the healthy hair tips.

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