22 ways to grow your hair faster fuller, and healthier

22 Effortless Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster And Healthier!

If you look online, There are millions of ways to grow your hair faster and longer, but which of those ways will actually work for you and your hair type? 

Well, we’ve done the hard work for you and found 22 proven, easy, and efficient ways to grow your hair faster, fuller and healthier. Additionally, we have wrapped all this science and information into an infographic that is easy to digest. Check it out below!

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1. Boost Up Nutrients In Your Diet

Long beautiful hair cannot be achieved overnight, but don't worry, including some healthy nutrients in your diet can promote your hair growth. Some essential nutrients are:

  • Biotin and proteins in meat, fish, and eggs, whereas nuts like almonds, peanuts, and walnuts.
  • Iron in spinach and lentils

2. Take Supplements

Are you eating healthy meals but still going through a nutrition deficiency?

It means that you are not getting enough nutrients from your diet.

Hair growth supplements containing vitamins, iron, zinc, and biotin increase the health of your hair.

3. Drink Lots of Fluids

The last thing you want to do is get your body dehydrated. Well yes, dehydration can cease your hair growth.

As per research on hair loss due to dehydration, drinking 2 to 3 liters of water prevents brittle hair.

4. Replace Sugar With Molasses

It seems almost impossible to avoid sugar, we can't even keep count of how much sugar we consume every day.

This may sound weird, but sugar harms hair growth due to poor blood circulation toward hair cuticles.

The best alternative to sugar is to include molasses in your diet.

5. Add Vegetables and Fruits To Your Diet

Vegetables are not appealing to many people like me. However, I changed my mind since I learned that dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli, abundant in iron and zinc, promote hair growth.

6. Do Not Shampoo Everyday

Are you washing your hair daily?

Well, it's time to get a hold of yourself!

Shampoo cleans your scalp and removes excess oil but excessive use can dry out your hair ends and strip your hair’s natural moisture.

7. Load Up Some Essential Oils

Have a bad hair day? It sure is an unpleasant circumstance for so many.

Giving your scalp an essential oil massage can leave your hair bouncy and more manageable after shampoo.

8. Use Sulfate-free Hair Products

I tried switching to different kinds of shampoos for many years, but this has worsened my hair’s texture. As a result, I started losing more hair.

Finally, I learned how sulfates in hair products irritate the scalp, leaving hair too dry. So next time, it's better to go through the ingredients of a shampoo bottle.

9. Get Rid Of Dandruff

Do you feel that your scalp is itchy and flaky? That's because you have dandruff and it is damaging your hair more than you think.

For some people, it gets worse and causes a condition called Seborrheic dermatitis.

The best hack to treat dandruff is to mix one part apple cider vinegar and two parts water. Apply all over your scalp, then wash after 15 minutes.

10. Go Easy On Your Wet Hair

Some time ago, I used to brush my hair right after showering and was terrified to see hair strands in my brush.

Little did I know that hair is most prone to break when wet.

Water opens up the hair cuticles and makes it easier to damage your hair.

11. Reduce Use Of Heating Tools

Are you styling your hair using heating tools every day?

Let’s get real, this is damaging your hair more than anything, making them weak, dry, and brittle. If not avoid them completely, all you can do is start by reducing their use.

Other than that, while styling your hair, start with the lowest temperature setting and then increase it gradually.

12. Cut Back On Use Of Hair Dyes

Dyeing your hair whether to cover grey hair or just occasionally to change your looks can lead to permanent hair damage when used excessively.

Ammonia used in hair colors can kill the proteins in your hair leaving them weak and damaged.

13. Keep Your Scalp Hydrated And Moisturized

Since I was a kid, my mother urged me to keep my hair hydrated.

Other than drinking lots of water, the best savior I got from my mother was a hot oil treatment.

Hot oil penetrates into your scalp and your hair roots absorb all the nutrients from it and promote hair growth.

14. Use Onion and Rice Water

Onion water and rice water are the traditional remedies for hair growth used by people since ancient times. Water extracted from onion has sulfur that regenerates your hair cuticles.

Similarly, washing hair from fermented rice water once a week is the most efficient way to grow your hair faster.

Some people who tried this remedy claim that their hair grew almost 2 inches a month.

15. Avoid Dust and Direct Sunlight

Exposing your hair to direct sunlight for a long time can damage your hair in the form of dryness, discoloration, frizziness, and split ends. It's better to start carrying an umbrella with you as a sun protectant.

Similarly, air pollution has harmful effects on your hair such as scalp irritation and dandruff which ultimately leads to hair fall.

16. Try Some Home-made Hair Masks

I know It sounds quite a hassle to mix various herbs and make a DIY mask but trust me it works wonders to regain the lost texture of your hair. Some worth-mentioning hair masks that I tried and loved are:

  • Yogurt and egg yolk mask
  • Fenugreek and yogurt mask
  • Banana, Yogurt, and olive oil mask

17. Get Regular Scalp Massages

Regular scalp massages can change your life. Massaging increases the thickness of your hair as it expands the hair follicle cells.

18. Get Your Hands On Silk Pillowcases

Replace your cotton pillow covers with silk or satin ones and you will love the results. Silk avoids friction between your hair and fabric, preventing hair breakage.

19. Have Your Hair Trimmed Regularly

Trimming hair promotes hair growth. Many people believe it is a myth, but in my experience, it has helped me a lot in improving the health of my hair and getting rid of split ends.

20. Ditch Smoking

Smoking is not only dangerous for your lungs but also has other harmful effects on your body. It slows down blood circulation and your hair follicles get deprived of oxygen, ruining your hair growth cycle.

21. Say No To Stress

I know it's easier to say but very hard to follow. But it's also true that out of all the reasons stress is causing your hair the most harm. If you stress too much, your hormone levels are disturbed inducing hair loss.

22. Plan your Sleep Routine

According research, Sleep-deprived people are mostly the victims of hair problems. Sleeping less can harm the hair growth hormones in your body. So remember to take a good night’s sleep and start a healthy day.

Bottom Line

The journey to healthy hair is not easy but not impossible. The more you can opt for these hair health hacks, the faster your hair will adapt to the changes. Now that you are aware of some of the most efficient hair care routines, following even half of them will have a huge impact on your hair growth.

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